Ken Steen

Ken Steen has been an active part of Search and Rescue since 2010. And unlike most, it was his interest in tracking that brought him into the Search and Rescue community. He officially began his SAR career by joining Tidewater Search and Rescue (TSAR) and then Search and Rescue Tracking institute (SARTI) a month later. In 2014 he joined his third group Piedmont Search and Rescue (PSAR). After taking the basic Field Team Member and the Field Team Signcutter courses in 2010, he advanced his knowledge and skills by training under a variety of different instructors. Ken is a Certified Tracking Technician, a Search Team Leader and a Management Team Member for the Virginia Department of Emergency Management, as well as an assistant state instructor. He currently is the training officer for two groups, Search and Rescue Tracking Institute and Tidewater Search and Rescue and is a Trainer for the Lost Person Behavior course. Ken is also certified as a Basic Tracker from the Joel Hardin Professional Tracking Services and is a Virginia Search and Rescue Council representative. He is a board member for the Virginia Tracking Standards committee and has assisted in the development of the current tracking process, procedures and certifications in Virginia.