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 Tracking, often described as the Origin of Science, is detecting, interpretating and trailing the interaction of a track maker and a surface.  It is like reading a newspaper on the ground that is revised every day, even moment to moment.  Tracking is a connection with, and a way to interact with, your surroundings in ways that no other skills provide.  Whether you want to find a missing person, figure out who walked across your property or left that scat on your driveway, tracking is a means to many ends. We work on observing what goes on around us whether that be activity of a two-legged individual, four-legged animal, vehicle or other track maker.

The Natural Awareness Tracking School conducts classes the educate participants on how to detect, interpret and follow more than the easy-to-see sign like the single track line in frost or snow below.  We work on the meticulous sciences and arts of reading tracks and sign in a variety of ground covers such as soil, vegetation, leaves, gravel, precipitation and more.

Contact us to register for a class that interests you or to arrange a class for your personnel. 

PDF for Sponsoring a Tracking Course

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What the public perceives as "tracking"

Actual "tracking"

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What the public perceives as "tracking"

Actual "tracking"

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"Rob Speiden and his instructors did a great job of putting on this class again. The participants were given knowledge and skills that will greatly enhance the(ir) effectiveness on ground searches and manhunts. The participants gave 100% and did a great job. Several participants want more of this training, possibly an advanced class."
Captain P.C. Dobbins, VDOC K9 Instructor