Visual Tracking for K9 Handlers

Course Description




  • Target Audience: K9 Law Enforcement Handlers
  • Time Required: 40 hours
  • Required material:
  • Course Fee: To be determined
  • NEXT CLASS: To be determined

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"Thank you for your quick response. I really appreciated your patient explanation of map and compass work"
Black B. - Virginia

"The Land Navigation and Orienteering Course was excellent. As an Instructor myself it was a great opportunity to work in an unfamiliar territory on such an intensive course. I was impressed with how well the class was designed and the fact that we spent so little time in the classroom. I wanted to improve my skills and increase my proficiency. Your class far exceeded my expectations. I plan on coming back again just because it was so much fun. Thanks for a great class!"
Randall B. - Appalachian Professional Tracking Group, Inc.