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What side of the tree does moss grow on? Does the sun rise due east all year around? In what direction is the sun at noon? These questions and more will be answered during our Natural Navigation class.

  • Learn to identify North, East, South & West day and night without a compass
  • Maintain a direction through the woods without a compass
  • Dispel and clarify some misconceptions about natural navigation indicators

We will be using sun, moon, stars, a watch and more to determine north, east, south & west without a compass (or cell phone app). We will begin the day at sunrise and finish after sunset. This class is designed for those interested in natural cycles that produce patterns by which we can navigate.

track sticks no shadowProfessionally presented classroom sessions will be followed by exercises outside that put the concepts you learn to use. Most of the class will be spent outside, and some at night, so bring appropriate clothing. Lodging and meals not provided, but local camping areas and hotel information will be provided upon request or registration. Please consider attending the Day of Land Navigation class which follows this class to practice navigation techniques using map, compass, natural indicators, GPS and more. 


  • Target Audience: S.A.R. volunteers, Hikers, Hunters, Outdoors Enthusiasts, Boy Scouts, you
  • Class Time : Course will start at 9am (with breaks for meals) and end at 9pm (with optional sunrise gathering at 6:30am)
  • Optional equipment: Compass, notebook, camp chair for fire circle
  • Course Fee: $65
  • NEXT CLASS: Saturday September 22, 2018 in Christiansburg, Virginia

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Natural Navigation


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"Thanks for your patience and skill...I got a lot out of the time together thanks to your skills at teaching and knowledge of the subject matter. The time was also thought provoking and I have a lot of things to work on. This was kick *ss! What do you think of a follow-up training?"
Hank C. - South Carolina